About Maia and Sip

Maia Gosselin has more than 15 years of experience in the beverage alcohol industry as an editor, writer, bartender, educator and consultant. In addition to owning and operating Sip, she is the managing editor for Massachusetts Beverage Business, a magazine covering beer, wine and spirits for the trade. She is also a regular television guest on “207”, has presented numerous times at the annual Nightclub & Bar Convention in Las Vegas and served as the “Bubbly Master” for Wine Riot’s popular Bubbly Bar.

In her profession, she finds that many people, both consumers and those in the trade, would like to learn more about wine but are intimidated by it. With her industry knowledge, plus a background of 10+ years as a bartender, she has an ease of approach to teaching, making her seminars informative yet enjoyable and unpretentious. A skilled public speaker, she works with groups ranging in size from 10 to 100+. Her aim is to demystify the world of wine by making it fun and accessible, one Sip at a time.


Maia Gosselin


phone: 617.669.6934